Fire Protection

Among the fire protection system are automatic sprinkler, wet riser, hose reel, dry riser and hydrant. These systems are installed in all commercial and industries depending on the fire protection design and local authority requirement.

These fire protection systems are critical part in protecting your personnel and property. We provide installation and service for every type of commercial building including manufacturing warehouse, factories, apartments and hospitals. Our technician has the expertise to customize each system for a facility’s specific needs.

Fire suppression system is another type of fire protection, which is generally used in data centre, telecommunication facilities, switch gear rooms and other hazardous area. These areas have greater risk of a fire spreading quickly, so a rapid response system is critical to help smother a fire and limit the risk of asset loss and damage

There are different types of fire suppression system which all considered as Clean Agent system such CO2, FM200, Novec1230, and Inergen which are commonly used now. Clean Agent are actually defined as Electrically nonconductive, volatile, or gaseous fire extinguishant that does not leave a residue upon evaporation.

We provide service and suppression system inspection to ensure your assets are fully protected and reduce the risk of fire, property damage and most importantly downtime. Our inspection and maintenance service can be done on any installed system.


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